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We love plants so much we have joined with local aromatherapy company JOI Pure.  JOI Pure offer a range of natural and organic skincare as well as pure essential oils and blends.

Their beautiful products are all based on the scientific and holistic principles of aromatherapy and are all chemical – free!

They don’t use petro-chemicals or derivatives, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycols, synthetic colours or fragrances, sulphates, synthetic emulsifiers, chemically derived preservatives or animal products.  Just some of the reasons why we love their products so much!

JOI Pure select the finest ingredients from nature’s generous garden to create their stunning range. These include therapeutic quality pure essential oils, organic plant oils, organic floral hydrosols and infusions, pure plant and organic extracts. That’s why they complement our Crafty Plants, so perfectly.

They are proudly accredited with Choose-Cruelty Free Ltd. against animal testing as well as Safe Cosmetics Australia. Every product in their range is Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Non-Toxic and Australian Allergy Certified and approved by the Vegetarian Society of Australia. 

They are of course Australian Made!

In fact, JOI Pure aromatherapy products are all created in purpose-built premises set amongst the natural bushland and hills of Brigadoon in the Swan Valley, Western Australia. 

Why not add a plant based oil or gift pack to your botanical gift !


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