Treat your office staff to new plants!

Our office desks need far more than just our coffee cups and a computer... check out these great reviews from some very happy office Staff, below.

Their generous boss ordered a plant of choice for each of them, they love their new work companions, they have even named their plants and they are loving the energy and purifying qualities in their workplace ...

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant - Crafty Plants Perth


"Fast growing, extremely easy to care for and beautiful green leaves. Perfect for the office environment". 

"Needs very little maintenance, I only give her a drink once a week and she’s growing beautifully".

Peace Lily

Peace Lily - Crafty Plants Perth WA

"Going great guns, keeps flowering, easy to look after
- when it droops, I water it!" 
"My Peace Lily has looked lovely from day 1, she has produced one flower so far, hoping for many more. She continues to shoot new leaves and thrives on my neglect, needing only a little bit of water once a week and the occasional dusting of the leaves. I love her to bits!"

    "I’ve found my plant to be really easy to look after and enjoy having one on my desk to care for. Having indoor greenery softens the office environment and definitely lifts my mood and relieves stress."


    Birds Nest Fern

    Birds Nest Fern


    "I love my desk plant. It feels great to have greenery on the desk. The plant has been very easy to care for and has grown quite a bit since we received them".

    "I’m very happy with my plant (which is thriving and looking great), and I thank Crafty Plants for being the focal person who ‘pulled all of this together’. Denis’ plant (ZZ Plant) is also still thriving, so you and the team obviously selected plants that are hardy and which can survive minimal maintenance".


    Devils Ivy
    Devils Ivy - Crafty Plants Perth WA

    "My Devil’s Ivy has thrived since I moved to the 4th floor where there is a lot of bright light. When it arrived I didn’t hold out much hope, because it looked very small and lost in the pot, but I have now brought in something to train it on, otherwise it will take over my whole desk! The team purchased a number of plants, it's so nice to have them all softening the space and cleaning the air".

    Overall Feedback 

    "Excellent customer service, particularly with such a large order (around 150 potted plants) and specific needs. Gary brought a selection of plants and pots in to our office to choose from. The mass delivery was made easy by Crafty Plants and great care instructions were provided. Everyone in the office is very happy with their individual plants and take great pride in looking after them."


    • Thankyou Crafty Plants! Excellent service, prompt attention and solution to choosing the ideal plant gift for my sixteen yr old neice.

    • What a fabulous idea!


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